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"You have only ONE life to go CONFIDENTLY for your DREAMS.

Think Big, Live Happy, and Make Every Day Count!"

- Cheryl Stinchcomb


My husband called me a ____________________!

Has anyone ever called you a name?  That is a name other than the one on your birth certificate?

Some names are fun nicknames given in love and others are just bad labels we want to forget.

I was shocked when my husband called me “negative”!  I have never been told that I have a pessimistic attitude.

I am a realist!  Some may call me the “watchdog” because I can recognize a problem in a plan before the first step of the plan is taken.

That is NOT being negative, that is a gift!

However, like everyone else, I have battled negative thoughts!

If you suffer from negative thoughts, then you MUST watch today’s episode!


feeling unappreciated

Feeling unappreciated?  This ONE thought will change everything.

Are you feeling unappreciated at work because your boss doesn't say “Good Job”?

Maybe you are feeling unappreciated in your relationship because your husband and kids don't say "Thanks for dinner".

I don't know about you but sometimes I just want the day to be focused on me.  I want to feel special.  Okay, that is my only child syndrome making an appearance, but don't you want to feel special too?

Luckily for both of us I remembered a story about the most famous couple in the world that has a surprising message that applies to YOU!

Ladies, watch this video and then have the nerve to tell me that this ONE THOUGHT doesn't make you feel amazingly special.  Tell me, I dare you!


Love Your Body

"OMG Becky, look at her butt, it is so big!"  Do you remember this song by Sir Mix-A-Lot?

I loved this song because it was so different.  It is the first song that praised a part of the body that most women would be embarrassed about.

We all have areas of our body that we don’t like!  We all compare our bodies to other women and sometimes think, “I wish I had her _____________.”

How would you like to walk around and be happy about your body and love what you see?  Wouldn’t that be a miracle for most of us ladies?

Watch this video and learn how you can receive the miracle of “loving your body” by accepting this one simple thought!