unhappy marriage

Unhappy Marriage? How to Build Hope to Restore Your Relationship

My Husband and My Unhappy Marriage My husband was living in an unhappy marriage. The worst part was as his wife, I was unaware until one late night. “I am unhappy and feel that you don’t love me.” “I am filing for divorce.” “I love you but I don’t like you.” These are the types…

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Life's Purpose

Life’s Purpose Can be Discovered through Life’s Extreme Conditions

Finding Life’s Purpose Life’s Pressure Creates Brilliance Like most women, I love diamonds. Women love the bling-bling on our hands and some believe the size of the diamond reflects the number of years a woman has endured marriage. I have a friend that continues to trade up the longer she is married. I think she…

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control your future

Control Your Future by Owning Your Thoughts: Positive Living

Don’t you want to control your future and what happens to you along the journey of life? We all want control and it starts at a young age. How much candy we want to eat, what we want to wear and what book we want to be read when getting tucked in at night. While…

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impress God

5 Reasons to Stop Trying to Impress God to Earn His Love

Since I grew up in church starting at a very young age; I should have understood that I can’t impress God. After all those Sunday school lessons and summer church camps I still never really understood who God was until I got older. Christians seem to complicate how to get closer to God. Many of…

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God Plant Seeds

Let God Plant Seeds of Hope in Your Life

Let God Plant Seeds that He will Nurture & Harvest Have you ever felt hopeless? There is one cure for hopelessness. It is letting God plant seeds of hope in our hearts. I learned a lesson about 8 years ago that changed my life. For many years Satan manipulated my thoughts, and I had a…

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Presentation Skills

8 Reasons Public Speaking Can Improve Your Life

Why Should You Master the Skill of Speaking in Public? I used to think that I could avoid speaking in front of others.  In fact, I was a writer and training program developer for a restaurant training department in 2003.  I was developing an 8-week manager training program and the company was having a big meeting…

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Overcome Fear to Control Toxic Thoughts that Ruin Your Day

IMAGINE a life with no fearful thoughts!  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Think about how different your life may be.

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Is Pinterest a Better Marketing Platform than Facebook?

Is Pinterest Getting Better Marketing Action than Facebook? If you haven’t been living under a rock, like the Geico commercial says, then you know that selling services and products is easier than ever with the world of social media.   However, one thing hasn’t changed over from the stone ages, people only buy from whom…

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