Hey there, how’s it going?  I am Cheryl and I am so excited you stopped by.  You & I are probably a lot alike…ambitious, determined, hopeful, OCD (just a enough to be annoying to ourselves & others), family is important to you but so is being successful in your career or by being your own boss!  Did I get it right?

I chose the descriptive words “ambitious” and “determined” first because of my family tree. I was raised by two perfectionist and was born into a legacy of school teachers along with my Dad being a high school basketball coach.  “You must play to win!” he would encourage. “Always do you best and give it your all!” he repeated.

I probably took all my Dad’s coaching to a level that did more harm than good. I pushed myself extremely hard in my career. I traveled a lot which sacrificed my social life, I had only a handful of good friends, and worked very long hours.  I  judged myself on how I performed and how well I would do at a job or activity.  Did I earn my boss’s approval? Am I a strong enough leader to get that promotion?  Did I get dress to impress on a first date? Due to the amount of self-inflicted stress I found difficulty experiencing joy unless life was going my way.  I became a Christian at the age of nine and became one of those believers that thought things should go smoothly just because I was a Christian. When they didn’t, I was not a stable person emotionally.

After years of climbing the corporate ladder, I did reach my goal only to discover I was miserable.  My job owned my time and my thoughts.  I was 38 and at a crossroads; I could keep living the childhood corporate dream I chased for years, or take a chance on a new life with less stress by starting over and finding new goals.

I decided to make a bold move to leave the highly paid job with a beautiful Rocky Mountain view, my friends of ten years, and my newly renovated condo to follow my passion and purpose in life.

On a positive note, all those crazy workaholic years helped me develop skills so I can create online training programs, help others do it, and share my story in what God did to turn my life around.

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Now I am a writer and online trainer helping business leaders with team development, online marketing, and life inspiration.  I created Profit Pinning, an online Pinterest marketing training program and the author of Pinterest for Profits and Presentations that Rock.

I love writing and marketing; however, my biggest passion is inspiring others to develop a relationship with Christ so they can live their life to its fullest.  You can find more training, life lessons, and resources at http://CherylStinchcomb.com.

I would love to hear from you. Use my Contact page to tell me what you need help with or to ask me anything!

Keep Believing in Life’s Endless Possibilities,